Manual Stackers

Stacker or Pallet Stacker is the common term of reference for lifting equipment which is commonly used in a warehouse or factory setting. The stacker serves as a halfway house between the pallet truck and the forklift truck, offering a more economically viable option than the costly forklift, in order to provide lifting potential and increase storage capacity. Other names used to describe the stacker are, stacker trucks, stacking trucks, manual stackers, straddle stackers and powered counter balanced reach stackers. The stacker is designed to lift loads to a required height, safely and efficiently, either for storage or to enable the block stacking of stock or pallets, or in order to move heavier loads and safely place them on a surface such as a warehouse floor.

We offer a wide range of manual stackers, which can be split into two main categories, the first is manual stackers designed for use with pallets. This range offers stacking to a maximum weight capacity ranging from 400Kg to 1000Kg.

At the lower end of the weight capacity is the Warrior Mini Stacker, designed for lighter stacking requirements. Lift is supplied through the foot operated pump which provides smooth and consistent lift. Lowering is actioned via the spring loaded dead mans release handle. The range also includes the Warrior Manual Winch Stacker, available in two specifications with maximum weight capacities of either 500Kg or 1000Kg. Able to stack loads to a height of 1560mm or 1500mm dependant on model, lift in this model is provided by a hand operated self-sustaining winch system. The range also features the manual stacker, which can safely stack loads up to a weight capacity of 1000Kg to a maximum height of 3000mm, through the hydraulic hand operated pump unit, lowering is made safe through the deadmans realise trigger included in the handle.

The second category of manual stackers consists of unconventional stackers often designed to fulfil a specific role or function. For instance the Warrior vertical drum stacker, which provides effective stacking of 210ltr steel drums to a height of 1200mm. Also included in the range is the Warrior Drum Tipping Stacker truck, which enables for both the stacking and tipping of 210ltr steel drums to a maximum height of 1350mm. For more information on our stock of drum handling equipment please see the separate category: Alternatively contact our technical team who will be more than happy to provide useful assistance. The range also includes the Warrior Reel lifter, which enables the lifting of reels of fabric or paper to a required height with ease, operated by a foot operated hydraulic pump. For more information on the reel lifter and our range of work positioners please visit the appropriate category at,, or contact our technical team on 01384 895859, who will be happy to provide in-depth advice relevant to your queries.

Due to the massive range of stock holdings we keep at Handling Equipment, equating to a value of over one million pounds, we are able to deliver the majority of orders within three days of the order placement. If you have any questions relating to any of our stock please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 01384 895859.