Service Trolley (with or without box)

Handling Equipment Online offers a huge range of different variations on the traditional trolley also referred to as: shopping cart, carriage, trundle, wagon, basket or buggy. The trolley is usually a wheeled metal cart, which provides storage; either with a basket or a load platform and mobility is provided by a set of four castors. The Warrior service trolley series adapts the traditional trolley for use in a service setting such as catering or care homes, enabling effective and efficient movement of small loads and easy service due to the accessibility of the shelves.

Our range offers two variants on the service trolley; one model includes a box with measurements of: 420x260x105mm, perfect for holding cutlery in a catering setting or washing equipment or utensils in a care home setting. Both models available in this series have a maximum load capacity of 100Kg, and are equipped with two shelves to transport loads; the shelves are white laminate to enable and ease the maintenance of hygiene whilst in use, all that is required is a wipe with a disinfectant cloth. Both the trolleys available in this series have dimensions of: 760x520x900 mm.

Movement of a service trolley in this series is provided through four grey swivel castors, providing a huge range of movement for the trolley, the operator has a large amount of control over the trolleys movement when in transit with the operating handle, allowing the trolley to be utilised in the most confined environments with ease. The rear two castors are equipped with brakes to enable the trolley to be held in static and enabling ease of loading and unloading, without risk of the trolley moving.

At Handling Equipment we have massive holdings of handling equipment stock, equating to a value of over one million pounds, due to this we are confident that we will be able to fulfil your handling equipment needs. Any questions that you have relating to our stock please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 01384 895859. Who have years of industry experience behind them and are more than happy to share it with you providing detailed and insightful advice on your questions and concerns.

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