Heavy Duty Aluminium

Designed to be affordable and practical, the Warrior heavy duty platform truck series delivers this and more. Handling Equipment Online.com offers a huge range of aluminium platform trucks, available in fifteen different models and specifications providing load movement effectively and efficiently. The range offers a variety of five variant deck and platform sizes, in order to ensure you get the optimum heavy duty aluminium platform truck for your unique needs and requirements.

Movement of this range is provided through a twin set of two swivel castors, enabling peak performance and mobility of the platform truck, whilst the other twin set of fixed load wheels enable the platform truck to maintain a straight line of movement effectively whilst requiring minimum input of the operator. The wheels are available in two types with different models, either the polyurethane tyres or the pneumatic tyres, depending on your needs and requirements from the platform truck.

The Warrior Heavy duty aluminium platform truck series, offers a variety of different models, which are able to safely transport loads to a range of different weight capacities. The safe weight capacity of the series varies from one model to the next. However the total weight capacity of the series spans from 550-1350Kg, covering and supplying load movement needs, from lightweight commercial shopping such as for use in garden centres, home living and furniture department stores, to heavier loads such as those expected in warehouse and factory settings.

Due to the huge amount of variety available in our range of Heavy duty aluminium platform trucks, we can almost ensure we will be able to supply your needs and requirements. However if you are unable to find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to ring our technical team on 01384 895859, who with years of experience behind them will be more than happy to discuss any queries and concerns you may have regarding our heavy duty aluminium platform truck range. Due to our massive range of stock equating to a value of over one million pounds, we can almost guarantee delivery within three days of order placement.

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