Heavy Duty Mesh Sided

Heavy duty mesh sided platform trucks are an adaptation on the conventional platform truck. With these models the platform for carrying loads is still provided. In these models it is in the form of a wooden load surface or platform. However our range of Heavy duty mesh sided platform trucks come with a variety of alternative mesh sides on the truck in order to provide security to the load and its operator, whilst also enabling the truck to be safely loaded to maximum capacity. This is when the mesh sides come into their own, holding the load securely in place, whilst stopping and preventing the piled load from rolling or falling off whether the truck is still or in transit.

In our range we offer a variety of modifications and variants of the heavy duty mesh sided platform truck, with the number of mesh sides available on our models varying from one, which successfully provides protection and security to the trucks operator whilst preventing the load from either rolling or falling backwards. To models available with four mesh sides, providing a secure and fully enclosed cage, fully enclosing the load and holding it securely in place, therefore enabling safe transport of loads up to the trucks full capacity.

All of our models have a maximum load capacity of 500Kg, these trucks are perfect for smaller loads around warehouses, factories and shop floors, where the load is far too heavy to be carried by an individual, but the load is too light to require either a pallet truck or a forklift. The movement of the heavy duty mesh sided platform truck series is provided through a set of four heavy duty mesh sided 200mm diameter rubber tyre wheels, these provide easy and efficient movement in even the most restricted and cramped areas and workspaces. Greater manoeuvrability of the truck is supplied through the operating handle, enabling the operative to easily handle the truck. All models come fully equipped with a set of 2 swivel braked castors, which allow the truck to be held securely stopped when not in use, thus facilitating and enabling for the truck to be safely loading and unloaded, without fear of it rolling away or moving.

Due to our massive range of stock we are sure we will be able to cater for your unique requirements in platform trucks, however if you are unable to find what you are looking for please feel free to ring a member of our technical team on 01384 895859, who will be more than happy to discuss your concerns or queries, whilst providing honest and insightful advice gained from years of industry experience.