Static Lift Tables

The lift table, otherwise known or referred to as mobile lift tables, table trucks, mobile scissors lifts or table lifts, provides an adjustable work surface or lifting platform, in order to lift loads which exceed the safe lifting limitations of a manual operator, safely and securely. The lift table is a lighter alternative to the more heavy duty goods lift or scissor lift, and generally able to lift loads up to a capacity of 1000Kg. In this range Warrior provides a series of static lift tables, providing greater lift than their mobile equivalent, however they are not equipped with wheels and require either a load mover or pallet truck in order to provide mobility.

The range includes three models, the first is the Warrior Full Top Low Profile Static Lift table, in this model lift is provided through a scissor lifting mechanism which is powered through a powerful 0.75kw motor. The model is equipped with a variety of safety features such as a hydraulic arrestor in the case of failure in fluid transfer, safety arrestors are fitted on all sides, and the model is equipped with overload protection. Providing lift to a height of 760mm, and to a maximum weight capacity of 1000Kg, achieved through the freestanding control panel. Loading is made easy with the inclusion of a loading ramp as standard.

The second model in our range of static lift tables is the Warrior Static electric lift table, available in four different specifications, and able to lift loads to a weight capacity ranging from 1000Kg to 3000Kg depending on the model; providing lift to a maximum height of 1080mm powered by a powerful three phase 380v/16a lifting motor. This model can either be fixed or sunk into the ground to provide more secure lift, and comes with a twelve month warranty.

The final model in the series is the Warrior U shape low profile static lift table. The lift surface on this model is in a U shape, able to lift loads of a maximum weight capacity of 1000Kg to a height of 760mm. The lift in this model is powered by a 0.75kw motor, and boasts the impressive lifting speed of 42mm/ s.

If you have any questions relating to our static lift table series or any of our stock, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 01384 895859. Who will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have, using their years of industry experience to provide you with honest and in-depth advice.