Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks

Weigh scale pallet trucks are an insightful and practical adaptation on the conventional pallet truck. The mobility of pallets is still achieved through two metal forks which fit under the pallet, with movement provided through a set of wheels and rollers. However all models in the Handling Equipment Online.com weigh scale pallet truck series, come equipped with a battery powered electronic weight scale, allowing for loads to be weighed before transportation, ensuring correct weight of load and that the maximum weight limit of the truck is not exceeded simultaneously. The Warrior range fall into two main categories of weight scale pallet trucks.

The first category is hazardous zone weigh scale pallet trucks. These are trucks which have been primarily designed for use in hazardous areas and industries, deemed as dangerous and hazardous and are usable in compliance with EX protection. All models are ATEX certified. This range offers a maximum weight limit of 2500Kg. All models are equipped with a stainless steel weight indicator, with IP68 enclosure, designed to withstand the most humid and dusty of environments. This range is extremely durable, able to function in the most extreme conditions for sustained periods of time, whilst delivering accurate weight measurements. For more information on our range of ATEX products please visit the appropriate category at: http://www.handlingequipmentonline.com/ATEX-Products/. Or ring our technical team on 01384 895859, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

The second category contains conventional pallet trucks, which have been equipped with weight measuring facilities ensuring accurate weight measurements in order to enable safe loading, and to prevent overloading of the pallet truck and indeed heavy goods vehicles. The range aims to provide affordable pallet truck scales to any budget, ranging from the Warrior ECO weight scale pallet truck, providing a weight scale pallet truck on a budget, with a weight capacity of 2000Kg to the opposite end of our spectrum, the Dini Argeo TPWP Professional Weigh Scale Pallet Truck, with a maximum load capacity of 2500Kg, which is the last word in weigh scale pallet trucks, accurate to -/+ 0.05% of maximum load.

Due to our massive range of stock equating to a value of over one million pounds, we can almost guarantee that Warrior will be able to provide for your weigh scale pallet needs. For more personal advice catered to your needs and requirements, please do not hesitate to ring our technical team on 01384 895859 who will be happy to hear from you and provide you with any information you may require, answering all questions and concerns honestly with experience and insight.

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