Specialised Stackers

The stacker provides a halfway house between the pallet truck and the forklift truck, able to lift greater load weights to a greater height than the pallet truck, but much more economically viable than the larger forklift. Other names for the stacker include stacker trucks, stacking trucks, manual stackers, straddle stackers and powered counter balanced reach stackers. This is a commonly used piece of equipment in factory and warehouse environments, enabling the easy and efficient stacking of block loads and pallets; in this range we aim to provide specialised stackers designed to fulfil unique and specific functions.

We offer two main drum Stackers in the form of the Tippling Stacker truck, with a capacity limit of 400kg of lift; which allows for the lifting, rotation and discharge of drums from varied heights which are easily adjusted. Warrior also offers the vertical drum stacker which enables an operator to attach and stack drums to a height of 1200mm simultaneously. For more information on our drum handling range please visit the appropriate category at http://www.handlingequipmentonline.com/Drum-Handlers/, alternatively contact our technical team on: 01384 895859 who will be happy to provide advice to any questions or concerns you may have.

In this series we offer a wide range of work positioners, both manually powered and electronically powered. Work positioners aim to provide a mobile and adjustable work surface, designed for use in areas where it is not possible to set up a permanent work surface. The range enables the creation of a work surface of heights up to 1420mm, and has a weight limit ranging from 100Kg-150Kg dependant on model. Both models come equipped mounted on four swivel castors which enable a great range of mobility to the series, and enable movement and use in even the most confined work areas. Our range of specialised stackers also includes the Warrior reel lifter, providing the easy movement of heavy rolls, with a foot operated pump allowing elevation to the required height for the easy provision or removal of reels and rolls. For more information about our vast range of work positioners available please visit the appropriate category on our website at http://www.handlingequipmentonline.com/Work-Positioners/, or contact our technical team on 01384 895859, who will be more than happy to help.

At Handling Equipment Online.com we have a wide range of specialised stackers, aiming to provide stacking capability to any situation which may arise, due to our massive range of stock holdings equating to a value of over one million pounds we are confident we will be able to provide specialised stackers for your needs and requirements. This level of stock holdings also allows us to deliver the vast majority of orders within three days of the orders placement. For more information on any of the items of our stock please do not hesitate to ring our technical team on01384 895859.