Pallet Truck Stop

The pallet truck stop also referred to as pallet truck chock, is essentially a stall which securely holds the pallet truck still, through friction with the surface and also by isolating the wheels of the truck enabling the pallet truck to be both loaded and unloaded, safely and securely without fear of the pallet truck moving or rolling even on uneven and wet surfaces. This is the essential piece of equipment to provide safety and security with pallet trucks, a must have to any pallet truck based workforce.

This product separates both the wheels and the forks from each other keeping the wheels fixed in one location, easily providing extra stability and security allowing for the easy and secure loading and unloading of the pallet truck by a single operator. Composed of a polyurethane wedge, with a v-slot in it this immobilises the rear wheels of the pallet truck, whilst simultaneously the weight of the truck holds the chock secure on the underside of the pallet truck. The base of the stop is covered in runner suction cups, which grip to the floor through suction, in order to create added friction to the stop, and also providing much greater security and safety for the operator when loading or unloading the pallet truck.

The stop is the last word in pallet safety, it stops loose pallet trucks from causing damage to equipment vehicles or freight whilst the truck is in transportation. The pallet truck stop greatly enhances operator safety when loading, stopping the pallet truck from rolling off loading bays and holding it in static, also it means the operator does not have to lift the truck onto a tyre or lay it on its side, reducing the number of injuries occurring.

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