High Lift Pallet Trucks

High Lift pallet trucks are essentially conventional pallet trucks which have the capacity and ability to lift pallets safely and effectively to greater heights than the conventional pallet truck. The High Lift Pallet Trucks which Handling Equipment Online.com stocks provide lift through a scissors pack raising mechanism. Warrior offers a wide range of high lift pallet trucks, and due to our massive stock holdings equating to a value of more than one million pounds, we are certain we will be able to fulfil your unique requirements.

Here at Handling Equipment Online.com we provide a wide range of High Lift Pallet trucks, all of our models offer a maximum weight limit of 1000Kg. All the models we stock are designed for use with open bottom pallets, such as Euro pallets, plastic pallets or stillages. We also offer the option of galvanised or stainless steel. Such models are suitable for usage in environments where paint flaking and corrosion are unacceptable, such as food catering environments, pharmaceuticals and aggressive environments such as brine. Purchasing the right specific finish for the application also aids the longevity of the truck if it is used in damp or wet areas.

The lift facility in our range of high lift pallet trucks varies between models, falling into two main categories. The first category provides lift manually, which is utilised through a quick lift pump action system. The second category is electronically powered lift, here the raising and lowering of the weighted load is provided simply through the push of a bottom which activates the motorised lift system, which is powered through a battery pack. Lowering is enabled by simply pulling the deadman lowering trigger. Both of these categories allow for the frequent and safe lifting and lowering of pallets, whilst simultaneously lessening the amount of manual handling injuries within the workforce.

Handling Equipment Online.com stocks a huge range of handling equipment, however if you are unable to find what you are looking for, or equally are unsure of specifications then please do not hesitate to ring our technical team on 01384 895859who will be more than happy to take the time to discuss your concerns and provide free and useful advice to your needs. Due to our massive range of stock we are confident in our ability to deliver your order three days after it has been placed with us.

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