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Warrior Manual Winch Stacker

The Warrior range of stacking equipment has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of lifting, stacking, de-stacking, pallet  handling etc.. within industry and commerce.  A sound long term investment!

Our Warrior Manual Winch Stacker is manually operated and very easy to use. With its powerful “Self Sustaining” winch it will lift your load and enable the operator to precisely position it as required. Whether it’s into a rack or onto a vehicle the stacker will make easy work of occasional lifting applications.

Simple and easy to operate, lift is by means of the manually operated winch which is wound in one direction to lift and the opposite direction to lower. As the stacker lifts, a heavy duty ratchet inside the winch engages with a reassuring “click” ensuring that the operator can stop winding at any moment.

  • Available in 2 capacities, either 500 kg or 1000 kg
  • Compact service free design
  • Heavy duty 'C' section mast
  • Two parking brakes on steer wheels
  • Unique design of winch for easier and safer lifting
  • Maximum fork height 1560 mm / 1500 mm (depending on model)
  • Adjustable forks (TTWS50)
  • Manual operation
  • Conforms to BS EN 1757-1:2001
  • CE Marked
  • Issued with a test certificate in conformance with EU standard on request
  • Full 12 month on site warranty
Overall Dimensions
(L x W x H)
CapacityLoad CentreAdjustable ForksFork Dimensions
(L x W)
Width Over ForksMin lowered HeightMax Lift HeightSteer WheelsRollersModel Number
Models Available
1325 mm x 725 mm x 2030 mm 500 kg 500 mm Yes 1000 mm x 70 mm 160 mm - 690 mm 90 mm 1560 mm ø 150 mm x 40 mm ø 80 mm x 47 mm WRWS50
1600 mm x 725 mm x 1930 mm 1000 kg 575 mm No 1150 mm x 160 mm 540 mm 88 mm 1500 mm ø 150 mm x 50 mm ø 80 mm x 94 mm WRWS100
Warrior Manual Winch Stacker

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Warrior Manual Winch Stacker
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Warrior Manual Winch Stacker
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