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Warrior Drum Tippling Stacker Truck

The Warrior range of drum handling equipment has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long  service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of drum handling within industry and commerce.  A sound long term investment!

Our Warrior Drum Tippling Truck is manually operated and very easy to use. It's a versatile Drum Stacker, in particular because it allows the operator to attach the 205ltr steel and/or plastic drum, lift, rotate and discharge the contents safely at height. Lift is performed hydraulically by hand and pedal and rotation mechanically via a hand wheel. Drum rollback is prevented by 30:1 ratio transfer box.

The Warrior Drum Tippling Truck will allow stacking of drums up to a maximum height of 1350 mm providing the operator makes allowance to release the jaws. Also, due to the design of the jaw and steady mechanism it is possible to release the drum once safely in the horizontal position. The rotation can be locked in both the vertical and horizontal.

  • Capacity: 450kg
  • Maximum Lift Height: 1500mm
  • Load Roller Size: 150 x 50mm diameter
  • Steering Wheel Size: 150 x 50mm diameter
  • Size Between Legs (Inner/Out): 630/810mm
  • Leg Length: 770mm
  • Overall Size (l x w x h): 1400 x 1000 x 2100mm
  • Auto overload protection fitted
  • 210 litre steel and plastic fibre drum supported
  • Tandem lift chains
  • 1350 mm maximum lift height
  • Hydraulic (hand operated) pump action lift
  • Easy to lift, transport and tilt a 45 gallon drum.
  • Available to carry the drum to rack (lower than 1350 mm).
  • Compact and reliable mechanism system to fix on to drum.
  • It can lock a drum in vertical or horizontal position
  • Manually (pedestrian) operated
  • Position for draining through a faucet.
  • CE Marked
Warrior Drum Tippling Stacker Truck

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