Warrior Supermarket Display Pallet Lifter

The Warrior Display Pallet Lifter brings display pallet handling into the forefront of our superstores. An ingenious solution to allow plastic display pallets to be mechanically lifted and transported without the hinderance caused by oversized pallet trucks and of course eliminating the possibilities of hydraulic oil spillage and slippage.

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Supermarkets love plastic quarter pallets! So was born the Warrior Quarter Pallet Handler especially to move and transport these special little pallets “front of store”. Easy to use, with a mechanically operated lifting platform they easily lift and transport plastic quarter pallets weighing up to 200Kg. No hydraulics eliminate hydraulic failures which in turn means no oil to leak and no slippery floors….

  • Capacity 200Kg
  • Max Raised Forks height 120mm
  • Min Fork Height 95mm
  • Fork Length 580mm
  • Fork width 210mm
  • Weight 21Kg

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