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Workshop Cranes – The Answer To Your Lifting Needs

Within warehouses, depots and freight logistic centres, lifting is an essential part of the working day. Often, however, lifting is performed by employees and members of the workforce thus problems can arise, as lifting heavy weights regularly can cause long term health problems for employees. These health problems include back injuries and repetitive strain injuries, which can have a massive impact on the personal lives of your employees, whilst also affecting how your business is perceived, potentially resulting in expensive insurance pay-outs. However there is a solution. Introducing workshop cranes into your workforce is an excellent way of reducing these health related problems, whilst improving how your company is perceived, by providing tangible evidence that you value the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

How Workshop Cranes Can Help Your Workforce

At Handling Equipment Online, we provide a number of workshop cranes in order to meet your specific needs and requirements. Workshop cranes are widely used within manufacturing environments such as machine shops as they are able to easily gain access to areas where alternative larger equipment may be restricted.

Workshop CranesThe range includes the Counter Balanced 550Kg Mobile Workshop Crane. This model provides mobile lifting up to a safe limit of 550Kg, ideal for lifting heavy items of equipment and machinery within a factory or warehouse setting, whilst providing a high level of mobility and easy access to even the most restrictive of locations. This model differs greatly from other variations available as it is already counterbalanced, whereas other models require the counterbalance to be constructed manually on site. This measure provides greater safety and functionality.

The other model available in our range is the Heavy Duty Folding Workshop Crane. This model is a floor crane which provides excellent lifting on a budget. Two variations are available, with differing maximum weight capabilities, 1000Kg and 2000Kg respectively, in order to provide effective lifting ability in even the most spatially-restrictive environments. Due to the inclusion of four castors, this model is highly mobile and can easily be folded to provide effective storage.

All of the workshop cranes available from Handling Equipment Online have been designed, developed and built specifically to provide long-term service with a minimum level of maintenance required. Due to this, you can rely on our cranes to fulfil your lifting and handling needs throughout a wide variety of commercial environments.

For more information about our workshop cranes, or any of the other products in our range, you can contact one of our technical experts direct on 01384 895 859 or visit our website.