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Pallet Pal 3 – New To Handling Equipment Online

Introducing Pallet Pal 3

Pallet PalAt Handling Equipment Online we are proud to announce a new addition to our extensive product range. Our latest addition comes in the form of the Pallet Pal 3. This item is stocked in our range of work positioners. For ease of understanding, work positioners are items of handling equipment which enable employees to conduct work safely and effectively at an elevated height. Often these items are mounted on castors which provide a phenomenal level of mobility, enabling the unit to be easily moved to the area it is required.

Work positioners conventionally provide vertical lifting capability, although some models enable operators to perform horizontal lifting potential. These items can frequently be seen being used on building sites and within the warehouse setting.

The Pallet Pal 3 differs slightly from conventional work positioners, as this model is the only free automatic pallet leveller which is currently available in the handling equipment market. This ingenious self-levelling work positioner is equally effective when it is used as a lift table. Built in Britain, the Pallet Pal 3 has a maximum safe lift capacity of 2000Kg. This lifting ability is safely controlled throughout both the lifting and the lowering process through the use of a proven linkage which is used in conjunction with a specially designed shock absorber. Each individual unit comes in an aesthetically appeasing yet physical durable powder coating.

In addition to its ability to auto level, the Pallet Pal 3 comes with a fully fitted, low slewing ring.  The slewing ring allows for a pallet to be positioned on the surface in the safest and most appropriate position. This addition ensures that the operator is easily and effectively able to move, load and unload pallets onto the Pallet Pal 3 with the minimum level of manual exertion.

Pallet Pal 3In order for the Pallet Pal 3 to fulfil a wide variety of roles and functions in a number of work environments, fork packets are incorporated into the design. Additionally, a number of modification options are available enabling you to make slight changes, enabling you to adapt the unit to perform in your work environment, these changes will dramatically improve the functionality your Pallet Pal 3. Customisation options include levelling of feet, restrictive access bellows and Inox finishes.

For further information about the Pallet Pal 3 and its design specifications, you can contact a member of Handling Equipment Online’s expert technical team on 01384 895 859. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@handlingequipmentonline.com.