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Innolift: The New Self Loading Stacker

Innolift: The New, Revolutionary, Patented Product That Is The Answer To Your Loading And Unloading Headaches!

InnoliftVehicles, ranging from vans to flat bed trucks and lorries, are frequently used to transport goods and materials from logistics centres to the locations where they are required, ranging from shops to construction sites. However, problems can arise when it comes to unloading these items at their end destination.

The materials and products which are frequently transported in this way are often heavy and bulky. Due to this, safely unloading these items can often prove problematic. These items are often encased on plastic and packaged on top of pallets and, whilst it is true that a number of end destinations may have pallet trucks of their own, this does not solve the problem as the pallets need to be safely lowered to the ground in order for the pallet trucks to be able to move them to their storage area. What is often missing is a means of safely unloading these items at their delivery point.

This is where the revolutionary Innolift series comes in. This series provides self loading and, adversely, unloading handling equipment, suitable for use with open bottom pallets. The Innolift range provides two models. The first model is the Innolift Self Loading Stacker, which is available in three sizes and has a maximum lift capacity of up to 600Kg, which it can safely load and unload to a height of up to 1260mm. The self loading model is battery powered and provides loading and unloading simply and effectively with the click of a button. To see it in action, please view the following video:

Innolift from Handling Equipment Online

The second model available in the Innolift series is the Manual Innolift Self Loading Stacker. This model is similar to the battery powered version in many ways, except that the self loading and unloading in this case is provided by a manual winch system which can be easily utilised by a single operator. The manual Innolift is available in one size, with a maximum lift capacity of up to 300Kg, which can be safely loaded and unloaded to a height of up to 750mm.

The excellence of the Innolift series lies not only its ability to load and unload goods, but in the unit’s ability to load and unload itself. This feature makes it ideal for use in both the logistics and freight industries, enabling goods and materials to be easily and effectively unloaded at their final destination. The Innolift also makes the use of tail lifts, ramps and swinglifts superfluous.

For more information about the range of Innolift items available from Handling Equipment Online, or to enquire about any of the items in our range, you can contact a member of our technical team on 01384 895 859 or visit our website for more information.