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Drum Handling Equipment: Improves Safety In The Workplace

Drum Handling Equipment Has Been Shown To Significantly Improve Workplace Safety

The process of manually transporting and decanting substances from drums is a physically exhausting and time consuming task for employees to carry out. Physically manoeuvring and manipulating these heavy and unwieldy drums, which often contain hazardous or toxic chemicals is a dangerous and inefficient process. Due to this drum handling equipment is increasingly becoming commonplace within working environments which frequently move and handle drums. The implementation of these items within a workforce has been shown to increase employee efficiency whilst also increasing workplace safety.

Implementing the correct piece of drum handling equipment into a workplace ensures that a task which would otherwise be cumbersome, dangerous and time consuming becomes quick, efficient and most importantly safe for the employees involved. Handling Equipment Online is committed to providing items of handling equipment which increase levels of efficiency and safety within the workplace. This commitment has manifested in a large range of drum handling implements which includes models to meet the specific requirements of any drum handling scenario.

Drum Handling Equipment Drum PortersIn drum transportation situations where no tipping or decanting is required, Handling Equipment Online has a wide range of options. These options include drum porters and drum overrides. For situations where tipping and decanting of the drum is required, Handling Equipment Online has a number of drum tippers and drum tipping lifters. These items enable recipients to safely and effectively decant and tip drum as and when is required. The range of drum handling equipment which is available from Handling Equipment Online also includes a number of forklift attachments.

Utilising drum handling equipment within a warehouse, factory or logistic centre setting has been consistently shown to reduce the number of accidents and incidents within the workforce related to stress induced injuries. These injuries frequently occur when workers attempt to manually move and manipulate heavy, cumbersome and dangerous drums on a frequent basis. However it is not only the safety of the employee which is greatly increased with the use of drum handling equipment, these items also improve the safety of the product itself. This is because when drum handling equipment is used there is a much lower chance of costly damage to the product due to improper manual handling.

Handling Equipment Online has an extensive selection of drum handling equipment in order to match the specific requirements of each client. For further information regarding this range, a member of Handling Equipment Online’s expert technical team can be contacted on 01384 895 859.


Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment: Tips and Tricks

When introducing new drum handling equipment into your workforce, especially if your workforce is inexperienced with using this form of handling equipment, you may require planning or training. This is due to two reasons; firstly, some drum handling equipment is only designed or certified for use with sealed drums or containers, and secondly, your workforce may be unfamiliar or inexperienced with handling and moving hazardous materials.Drum Handling Equipment

Your recent drum handling purchases may require developing a contingency for unplanned mishaps including spills and leaks, accidental drum drops due to operational errors and malfunction avoidance techniques. All products purchased from Handling Equipment Online come with a one year product warranty on all parts, ensuring that you should experience minimal operational malfunctions within that period.

However when introducing drum handling equipment, a lot of planning is required surrounding the introduction. It is imperative that you do not leave this to the last minute as this can both delay the use of the machinery within your workforce and encourage accidents and mistakes from negligence due to being unprepared. Before using handling equipment ensure you have fully prepared your maintenance schedules and risk management strategies. Ensuring that all of your work force is fully trained in the use and implementation of drum handling equipment should be conducted prior to an accident or malfunction and not in reaction to one.

When introducing drum handling equipment into your workforce it is essential that you are fully prepared from a health and safety perspective. Simply put this means making sure your first aid provision incorporates the kind of risks and accidents which can arise from the use of drum handling equipment.

Using transportation drums can entail potential leakage from the drums. This can be due to factories defects in the drum, damage caused to the drum prior to it being received by your workforce, an accidental drop, and spillage or tipping. Due to the hazardous nature of a lot of drum contents it is essential that your first aid stations are fully equipped with eye wash. A further safety procedure we advise all of our clients to employ when using drum handling equipment is to ensure that their workforce wear eye protection when using drum handlers especially with hazardous contents. It is far better to be prepared and take the necessary safety procedures than face legal prosecution for negligence. The expense incurred from implanting and introducing these measures to your workforce now will more than cover the potential expenses for compensation.