Scissor Lifts 101

Scissor Lifts: A Safe And Cost Effective Way To Equip Your Workplace

Companies based either in warehouses or factories often find themselves having to work at height. Due to the nature of these working environments, space is often extremely limited. Equipping members of your workforce with machinery such as scissor lifts enables them to quickly access raised walkways and gantries, whilst ensuring their safety.

Scissor LiftsAerial work platforms otherwise known work positioners or access or maintenance platforms are a safe and cost effective way of equipping your workforce to effectively work at these elevated heights. Work platforms are also referred to as scissors lifts, due to the shape of the mechanism which they utilise to provide lifting potential. These are essential pieces of equipment, enabling employees to work at height safely. Due to the high mobility which is afforded by castors, they are indispensable in the factory or warehouse environment.

Due to the folding “X” shape of the lift mechanisms folding supports, which are known as a pantograph, scissor lifts are instantly recognisable. The pantograph enables the platform to be raised vertically to the required height. Applying pressure, through either electrical or manual forces, causes the criss-cross section to elongate, enabling the platform to lift. This in turn enables a worker to utilise the machine in order to reach their desired height quickly with a minimum input.

Traditionally scissors lifts only provide vertical lifting ability. Due to this they are a common sight on construction and engineering sites, but are used more specifically around the outsides of buildings and within premises which have raised gantries and work areas. Variations of scissor lifts are commonplace, including scissor lifts with built in bridges enabling workers can gain closer access to the raised area in which they working.

Scissor Lifts 101For any industrial based business scissor lifts are a must buy. Due to the wide scope of models available they can easily be accommodated into any workforce or business. The original scissor lifts were first seen in the 1970’s. However since their inception the design has been modified greatly enhancing the ease of use and providing much greater mobility. In order to save space, modern scissor lifts can be made extremely compact for storage requirements.

When purchasing a scissor lift for your workforce it is importantly to remember that this is merely the first step in implementing these machines into your workforce. Once a maximum height has been established and your equipment ordered, it is essential to ensure that your workforce is fully qualified and insured to use this machinery. Guaranteeing the safety of your workforce is one measure which will greatly improve how your company is perceive, whilst also ensuring your reputation is not tarnished by insurance claims and work based accidents.