Pallet Trucks: The Essential Piece Of Handling Equipment

Pallet Trucks – Why Are They So Good?

Pallet trucks, whether hand operated or electrically powered, are the ideal cost effective handling equipment solution. These items are specifically designed to make the lifting of heavy objects easier for an individual as these items are easily and effectively able to lift and move palletised loads of up to 5 tonnes or 5000KG.

Pallet TrucksThe operation of hand pallet trucks is usually provided by a steering lever, which is equipped with a release handle. Pumping the lever causes the trucks forks to rise, whilst simultaneously lifting the trucks load. Pulling the trucks release handle causes the load to slowly lower to the required level. Pallet trucks are specifically designed to be driven under a pallet, once a pallet has been lifted it can be easily manoeuvred to its required location. This can be achieved by hand as an operator is then able to push or pull the truck.

Due to their operating ability, pallet trucks are perfectly suited for use in the warehouse environment, where they can be used to manoeuvre pallets. Similarly, pallet trucks can be used to good effect to unload loads from trucks which make use of tail lifts.

Electric motorised pallet trucks on the other hand, can easily be operated using the electrical assisted travel and manoeuvring ability. Similar to the manual model, electric motorised pallet trucks are operated from a handle. Electric motorised pallet trucks are frequently used in order to transport heavier loads, or when projects are so mentally intensive that it is important to make things easier for workers and employees, in order to dramatically improve the levels of productivity within the warehouse environment or loading bay. Electric motorised pallet trucks are powered by a battery pack. These battery packs often have an incredibly long lifetime. It is a common practice with electric motorised pallet trucks make use of them during the day and then charge the battery pack overnight ready for use the following day.

If pallet trucks are left outside for extended periods of time they can begin to rust and corrode. In order to avoid this occurring there are a number of corrosion resistant galvanised pallet trucks. Alternatively, for companies who operate in the food industry and related services, there are a large number of stainless steel pallet trucks available. This is because food is often transported in bulk orders which can become too heavy for an individual to manually lift.

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