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Pallet Trucks In Cold Environments – Handling Equipment Online News

How To Use Pallet Trucks In Cold Environments

Pallet trucks are built to be both sturdy and reliable, delivering high levels of performance in the harsh conditions in which they are deployed. Despite this, standard models of pallet trucks have one major weakness. This weakness it that these pallet trucks perform at a lower level and deteriorate in colder storage conditions. When operating in pallet trucks in cold environments, many companies make use of several pallet trucks which are rotated. However this practice can actually compromise safety, equipment and also productivity.

Pallet Trucks In Cold EnvironmentsWhen rotating pallet trucks in cold environments, there are a number measures which companies can employ in order to minimize these risks. These measures begin with ensuring that the equipment which will be used in cold environments is equipped with additional security and protection features. “It is a common mistake for companies to neglect this step,” warned Jeff Bowles, who is product line manager for Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America. He revealed that a large number of modern manufacturers of electric pallet trucks generally ensure that a high level of protection is provided for electrical components within the standard chassis. “However, not every standard chassis is designed to withstand the conditions within cold storage areas. Due to this, optional storage packages are available and should be purchased.” Bowles explained.

Furthermore, some alternative electrical components and attachments which perform well in ambient conditions may not perform well or be incompatible in cold conditions. Due to this it is imperative to ensure that expensive pallet truck and forklift truck equipment is not exposed to conditions which will shorten its life or reduce its effectiveness.

Once the chassis, the most important part of a pallet truck, has been correctly protected it is time to attend to the other components. These other components which will improve the trucks functionality in cold environments, include softer tyre compositions, lighter weight hydraulic oil and anti-slip/anti-skid technology. This technology supports traction and reduces the amount of wear on the trucks tyres.

Quite often in cold environments a narrow aisle system is employed. This is because this system enables for a larger amount of stock to be stored. However, as the amount of pallet trucks and related traffic within the storage facility increases manoeuvrability can become a major issue.

In cases where truck movement between cold areas and ambient areas cannot be avoided, it is best practice to first move from a freezer environment to a cooler environment before using the truck in an ambient environment. Utilising this method will dramatically reduce the potential for condensation and corrosion to appear and form on the trucks components.


Pallet Trucks: The Essential Piece Of Handling Equipment

Pallet Trucks – Why Are They So Good?

Pallet trucks, whether hand operated or electrically powered, are the ideal cost effective handling equipment solution. These items are specifically designed to make the lifting of heavy objects easier for an individual as these items are easily and effectively able to lift and move palletised loads of up to 5 tonnes or 5000KG.

Pallet TrucksThe operation of hand pallet trucks is usually provided by a steering lever, which is equipped with a release handle. Pumping the lever causes the trucks forks to rise, whilst simultaneously lifting the trucks load. Pulling the trucks release handle causes the load to slowly lower to the required level. Pallet trucks are specifically designed to be driven under a pallet, once a pallet has been lifted it can be easily manoeuvred to its required location. This can be achieved by hand as an operator is then able to push or pull the truck.

Due to their operating ability, pallet trucks are perfectly suited for use in the warehouse environment, where they can be used to manoeuvre pallets. Similarly, pallet trucks can be used to good effect to unload loads from trucks which make use of tail lifts.

Electric motorised pallet trucks on the other hand, can easily be operated using the electrical assisted travel and manoeuvring ability. Similar to the manual model, electric motorised pallet trucks are operated from a handle. Electric motorised pallet trucks are frequently used in order to transport heavier loads, or when projects are so mentally intensive that it is important to make things easier for workers and employees, in order to dramatically improve the levels of productivity within the warehouse environment or loading bay. Electric motorised pallet trucks are powered by a battery pack. These battery packs often have an incredibly long lifetime. It is a common practice with electric motorised pallet trucks make use of them during the day and then charge the battery pack overnight ready for use the following day.

If pallet trucks are left outside for extended periods of time they can begin to rust and corrode. In order to avoid this occurring there are a number of corrosion resistant galvanised pallet trucks. Alternatively, for companies who operate in the food industry and related services, there are a large number of stainless steel pallet trucks available. This is because food is often transported in bulk orders which can become too heavy for an individual to manually lift.

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Electric Pallet Trucks – Great To Reduce Your Workforce’s Exertion!

Electric Pallet Trucks

A recent study was conducted by independent researchers into the required effort to use a hand pallet truck. In this study researchers tested seventeen different brands of hand pallet truck in order to obtain results which formed an accurate average. Each brand was tested with a range of loads ranging from 500Kg to 2500Kg. Not only were the results conclusive, they were also shocking, proving the fact that electric pallet trucks are a great piece of equipment to increase productivity and reduce the effort required by your workforce.

In order to start a 500Kg load from a stationary position, requires on average an effort of 23.3Kg from the operator. When this load is increased to 2000Kg the required force increases to 49.6Kg, this figure is much greater than those specified as being safe in official guidelines. Additionally the results were equally shocking when it came to the required force to raise loads. In order for an individual operator to raise a forklift load of 2000Kg requires a considerable amount of exertion, the study revealed it took an average force of 35.1Kg, and again this is much higher than the official guidelines. Even the effort required for an operator to keep a 2000Kg load in motion, 30.7 Kg, exceeds the guidelines by a shocking 53.1%.

In order to alleviate this problem in your workforce without having to compromise on productivity you should consider making use of electric pallet trucks. Electric pallet trucks compensate for the operator by providing the majority of the effort required to move and lift these loads.

What should I look for when purchasing an electric pallet truck?

Electric Pallet TruckWhen you are looking to purchase electric pallet trucks there are a number of factors which you should consider. Primarily you should seek to purchase your electric pallet trucks from a reputable brand. When you purchase from a reputable brand not only is the quality of construction superior, but the dealer will also be able to provide you with insightful advice in the practical operation of your new trucks. This practical advice may include selecting the optimum type of tyres. This may seem trivial but can make a dramatic difference, to demonstrate softer tyre types are more effective on slippery surfaces but will wear far more quickly.

When selecting an electrical pallet truck, desirable features include:

  • Linked castor wheels: this provides the maximum levels of stability even with heavy loads and also when performing sharp turns.
  • A tiller arm which always returns to the upright position.
  • Performance modes which can be easily switched:  this enables operators to change modes instantly to one which best suits their driving ability and operating conditions.
  • A generous lifting height: this option can prove especially useful in docking areas, ramps and loading bays, especially when moving damaged pallets.
  • Heavy duty forks: these provide far greater levels of durability thus increasing the longevity of your truck.
  • A closed chassis: this prevents dirt and water from getting into the truck, which in turn results in fewer repairs and a longer working life.

Pallet Pal 3 – New To Handling Equipment Online

Introducing Pallet Pal 3

Pallet PalAt Handling Equipment Online we are proud to announce a new addition to our extensive product range. Our latest addition comes in the form of the Pallet Pal 3. This item is stocked in our range of work positioners. For ease of understanding, work positioners are items of handling equipment which enable employees to conduct work safely and effectively at an elevated height. Often these items are mounted on castors which provide a phenomenal level of mobility, enabling the unit to be easily moved to the area it is required.

Work positioners conventionally provide vertical lifting capability, although some models enable operators to perform horizontal lifting potential. These items can frequently be seen being used on building sites and within the warehouse setting.

The Pallet Pal 3 differs slightly from conventional work positioners, as this model is the only free automatic pallet leveller which is currently available in the handling equipment market. This ingenious self-levelling work positioner is equally effective when it is used as a lift table. Built in Britain, the Pallet Pal 3 has a maximum safe lift capacity of 2000Kg. This lifting ability is safely controlled throughout both the lifting and the lowering process through the use of a proven linkage which is used in conjunction with a specially designed shock absorber. Each individual unit comes in an aesthetically appeasing yet physical durable powder coating.

In addition to its ability to auto level, the Pallet Pal 3 comes with a fully fitted, low slewing ring.  The slewing ring allows for a pallet to be positioned on the surface in the safest and most appropriate position. This addition ensures that the operator is easily and effectively able to move, load and unload pallets onto the Pallet Pal 3 with the minimum level of manual exertion.

Pallet Pal 3In order for the Pallet Pal 3 to fulfil a wide variety of roles and functions in a number of work environments, fork packets are incorporated into the design. Additionally, a number of modification options are available enabling you to make slight changes, enabling you to adapt the unit to perform in your work environment, these changes will dramatically improve the functionality your Pallet Pal 3. Customisation options include levelling of feet, restrictive access bellows and Inox finishes.

For further information about the Pallet Pal 3 and its design specifications, you can contact a member of Handling Equipment Online’s expert technical team on 01384 895 859. Alternatively, you can email us at


Snow Plough Forklift Attachment: Prepare For The Winter Months Now!

Summer is over and autumn is upon us, which means that the cold winter months are on their way. If the last few winters are anything to go by, this winter looks set to deliver snow and icy conditions. Failure to prepare for these conditions may result in loss of income and a waste of valuable time and resources. Now is the time to get organised and we have the ideal, cost effective solution with our snow plough forklift attachment.

Icy conditions outside your premises can be a health hazard to your employees, whilst there is the possible that unpredicted snow fall may result in your premises being snowed in, meaning you are unable to take deliveries and distribute orders.

However it does not have to be like this. Historically, in order to remove snow or ice from your premises, you would have to assign members of your workforce to the laborious chore of physically removing it. Now this is not the case. By equipping your workforce with the snow plough forklift attachment, you will easily be able to handle the worst weather the winter throws at you. In addition, utilising this attachment reduces unnecessary disruptions to your business, enabling your concern to continue to function at full productivity throughout the winter months.

Snow Plough Forklift Attachment From Handling Equipment Online

Snow Plough Forklift AttachmentHandling Equipment Online are a leading supplier of handling equipment to companies and businesses based in the UK and mainland Europe. We are proud to provide our clients with the Tiger Fork Lift Mounted Snow Plough. This model provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Safety – In the form of impact protection. This is achieved through the flexible polyethylene dish which is bolted onto the attachment providing safety and security to the operator, forklift, the surface in question and the plough itself.
  • Versatility – With this attachment, operators are easily able to plough snow and icy detritus to either the left hand side or the right hand side. In order to change plough direction, simply remove the plough, turn it over and reattach.
  • Durability – This is provided through the inclusion of galvanised fixed angle body with zinc plated “T” bolts in the design.
  • Efficiency – The plough is constructed from high quality polyethylene, as it has been scientifically proven that snow flows off this material more easily than off steel and other metals.
  • Flexibility – Using polyethylene means that the attachment will not become permanently dented upon an impact.
  • Reliability – The dish itself is removable and replaceable and due to being constructed from polyethylene, it will not rust, providing longevity.

LEEA Global Reach Extends to China – Handling Equipment Online News

LEEA Membership Amongst Within The Chinese Lifting Industry Grows

LEEA Safe Use Of Lifting EquipmentThe LEEA, otherwise known as the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, recently completed its first batch of on-site audits at a number of prospective member companies based in China. The companies included H-Lift Industries Co. Ltd (based in Shanghai), General Lifting Co. Ltd (based in Zhangjiakou), Shanghai ABS Technical Inspection Co. Ltd and Mak Kee International H.K.Ltd (based in Hong Kong). All of these companies successfully completed the rigorous assessments, which were undertaken by one of LEEA’s team of technical officers.

These audits are ground breaking as they reflect a growing interest in LEEA membership among companies within the Chinese lifting industry. The first step for all companies wishing to gain all membership to the LEEA is a technical audit. This audit covers a variety of issues including the use of appropriately trained staff, the availability of suitable and correctly calibrated test equipment, effective material control, traceability and identification procedures and ensuring that the correct documentation is issued following manufacture, test or inspection. Following the initial audits companies must undergo further periodic audits if they wish to maintain their membership to the association.

LEEA Team Card MembershipOver the past few years, an increasing number of companies based across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and also the Americas have shown interest in LEEA membership and then conformed to the strict entry requirements. The addition of H-Lift Industries, General Lifting Engineering (Skip Lifting), Shnghai ABS Technical Inspection and Mak Kee International to the global membership, which is already in excess of 650, further extends the impressive international presence of LEEA. The association was established in 1944. Upon entry members are provided with access to a wide range of services including training, accreditation and modern technical services. Included within these technical services is the TEAM card registration and identity scheme. This scheme is specifically catered for engineers which have passed the LEEAs industry recognised Diploma examination.

When welcoming the latest additions to the association, Geoff Holden, who is chief executive of the LEEA, commented: “This visit of one of our officers to assess potential members within China marks yet another milestone in the development of both the LEEA and also the global lifting industry which it aims to reflect. Currently, throughout the world there is a growing recognition; a growing recognition of the need for higher standards of professionalism. As a result of this more and more companies are turning to the LEEA in order to help them to achieve this goal.”


Workshop Cranes – The Answer To Your Lifting Needs

Within warehouses, depots and freight logistic centres, lifting is an essential part of the working day. Often, however, lifting is performed by employees and members of the workforce thus problems can arise, as lifting heavy weights regularly can cause long term health problems for employees. These health problems include back injuries and repetitive strain injuries, which can have a massive impact on the personal lives of your employees, whilst also affecting how your business is perceived, potentially resulting in expensive insurance pay-outs. However there is a solution. Introducing workshop cranes into your workforce is an excellent way of reducing these health related problems, whilst improving how your company is perceived, by providing tangible evidence that you value the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

How Workshop Cranes Can Help Your Workforce

At Handling Equipment Online, we provide a number of workshop cranes in order to meet your specific needs and requirements. Workshop cranes are widely used within manufacturing environments such as machine shops as they are able to easily gain access to areas where alternative larger equipment may be restricted.

Workshop CranesThe range includes the Counter Balanced 550Kg Mobile Workshop Crane. This model provides mobile lifting up to a safe limit of 550Kg, ideal for lifting heavy items of equipment and machinery within a factory or warehouse setting, whilst providing a high level of mobility and easy access to even the most restrictive of locations. This model differs greatly from other variations available as it is already counterbalanced, whereas other models require the counterbalance to be constructed manually on site. This measure provides greater safety and functionality.

The other model available in our range is the Heavy Duty Folding Workshop Crane. This model is a floor crane which provides excellent lifting on a budget. Two variations are available, with differing maximum weight capabilities, 1000Kg and 2000Kg respectively, in order to provide effective lifting ability in even the most spatially-restrictive environments. Due to the inclusion of four castors, this model is highly mobile and can easily be folded to provide effective storage.

All of the workshop cranes available from Handling Equipment Online have been designed, developed and built specifically to provide long-term service with a minimum level of maintenance required. Due to this, you can rely on our cranes to fulfil your lifting and handling needs throughout a wide variety of commercial environments.

For more information about our workshop cranes, or any of the other products in our range, you can contact one of our technical experts direct on 01384 895 859 or visit our website.


Innolift: The New Self Loading Stacker

Innolift: The New, Revolutionary, Patented Product That Is The Answer To Your Loading And Unloading Headaches!

InnoliftVehicles, ranging from vans to flat bed trucks and lorries, are frequently used to transport goods and materials from logistics centres to the locations where they are required, ranging from shops to construction sites. However, problems can arise when it comes to unloading these items at their end destination.

The materials and products which are frequently transported in this way are often heavy and bulky. Due to this, safely unloading these items can often prove problematic. These items are often encased on plastic and packaged on top of pallets and, whilst it is true that a number of end destinations may have pallet trucks of their own, this does not solve the problem as the pallets need to be safely lowered to the ground in order for the pallet trucks to be able to move them to their storage area. What is often missing is a means of safely unloading these items at their delivery point.

This is where the revolutionary Innolift series comes in. This series provides self loading and, adversely, unloading handling equipment, suitable for use with open bottom pallets. The Innolift range provides two models. The first model is the Innolift Self Loading Stacker, which is available in three sizes and has a maximum lift capacity of up to 600Kg, which it can safely load and unload to a height of up to 1260mm. The self loading model is battery powered and provides loading and unloading simply and effectively with the click of a button. To see it in action, please view the following video:

Innolift from Handling Equipment Online

The second model available in the Innolift series is the Manual Innolift Self Loading Stacker. This model is similar to the battery powered version in many ways, except that the self loading and unloading in this case is provided by a manual winch system which can be easily utilised by a single operator. The manual Innolift is available in one size, with a maximum lift capacity of up to 300Kg, which can be safely loaded and unloaded to a height of up to 750mm.

The excellence of the Innolift series lies not only its ability to load and unload goods, but in the unit’s ability to load and unload itself. This feature makes it ideal for use in both the logistics and freight industries, enabling goods and materials to be easily and effectively unloaded at their final destination. The Innolift also makes the use of tail lifts, ramps and swinglifts superfluous.

For more information about the range of Innolift items available from Handling Equipment Online, or to enquire about any of the items in our range, you can contact a member of our technical team on 01384 895 859 or visit our website for more information.


Handling Equipment For Your Warehouse Needs

Handling Equipment: 4 Tips to Consider When Buying Your New Warehouse Equipment

Handling Equipment In The WarehouseWarehouses form the core of many businesses. The warehouse is essentially a large building where various raw materials and/or goods are stored and where, from this location, these items are then distributed to their required location. In order to enable the safe and effective transportation of these items, handling equipment is often required. This is because many of these items are either too large or too heavy to be safely carried by individual members of your workforce, or even collectively. Therefore, it is essential, in order to get the most out of both your workforce and you warehouse, to provide appropriate handling equipment. When buying warehouse equipment, here are four key tips to keep in mind.

1.      The equipment should fit your requirements

Handling Equipment Online Pallet TruckThere is no shortage of handling equipment available which is suitable for use within a warehouse. However, it is essential to discern from the mass of equipment available which items fit your specific requirements. In the case of the pallet truck, what is the maximum lift you require? What is the maximum safe weight allowance you require? Do you need a manual pallet truck or an electronic one? Take care to ensure you select your equipment based on the suitability of their specifications and not merely on the price tag.

2.      Try to select handling equipment which can perform multiple functions

Handling Equipment Online Mesh Sided Heavy Duty Platform TruckA number of pieces of handling equipment are able to effectively fulfil multiple roles. This is an excellent way of saving costs and space within your warehouse. To demonstrate, many stackers can also function equally well as vehicles to move pallets. Alternatively, Heavy Duty Mesh Sided Trolleys can be effectively used to transport a wide variety of goods around the warehouse, and are equally efficient for use in the loading bay.

3.      The selected equipment should be easy to use and maintain

If your selected piece of equipment cannot be easily used and quickly implemented into your workforce, then the investment has been futile. In order to be efficient, handling equipment needs to increase productivity, otherwise it may be of detriment to your warehouse. When buying handling equipment, consider how easy it will be for your workforce to operate. It is also important to discern whether any specific training will be required for your workforce to operate it. Also take the time to establish how easily the equipment can be maintained and, if worst comes to worst, how easily it can be repaired. The answers to these questions may well make dividends in months and years to come.

4.      Consult an expert prior to your purchase

Before purchasing your item or items of handling equipment, consult an expert for their opinion. This is a good way of ensuring that your planned purchase is suitable for the role in which you intend to use it. At Handling Equipment Online, we pride ourselves on the expert, customer-focussed opinion which our technical team provide.