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The Warrior Manual Work Positioner range has been designed, developed and built to give long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of manual handling within industry and commerce. A sound long term investment!

Our manually operated work positioner is ideal for those lightweight lifting requirements where personnel need protection from lifting everyday items which are judged to be too heavy to lift manually. Reams of paper, servers, batteries etc... Deemed too heavy for a person to lift!

The unit is mounted on 4 swivel castors allowing it to turn easily in confined areas.

Lift is by means of a hand operated “self sustaining” winch allows the operator to winch the load to a given height and just release the handle.

A platform plate is supplied as standard however various attachments are available for pack line applications - e.g.: single boom, twin boom, V block and reel rotator.

  • Capacity: 200 kg
  • Load centre: 235 mm
  • Minimum lift height: 130 mm
  • Maximum lift height: 1500 mm
  • Platform: L - 470 mm x W - 600 mm
  • O/A height: 1920mm
  • O/A length: 870mm
  • O/A width: 600 mm
  • Compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • Self sustaining winch
  • Auto brake system prevents uncontrolled lowering
  • Mounted on 4 swivel castors
  • Conforms to BS EN 1757-2:2001

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