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Warrior 500kg Manual Counterbalanced Workshop Crane with slewing jib

The Warrior 500kg Manual Counterbalanced Crane range has been designed, developed and built to give long service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of lifting and handling within industry and commerce. They are extremely versatile and innovative hence allow the accommodation of moulds, spare parts and any other product on the machine tools which have perimeter protections or small openings difficult to reach. A Sound Long Term Investment!

The Warrior 500kg Manual Counterbalanced Crane with 360 degree slewing jib is a mobile free standing workshop crane which has the ability to safely slew its jib through 360 degrees. The built in ballast weight which counterbalances the crane jib is mounted on a precision engineered slewing ring which allows maximum accessibility. Its has a manually adjustable four position jib which allows amazing flexibility of load handling.

Counterbalanced floor cranes with a high capacity slewing jib are the perfect solution for those industries that choose not to invest in fixed structures in order to have the possibility to modify their layout without constraints. These are primarily useful in tooling environments

  • Manual Counterbalanced Crane with slewing jib
  • Up to 500kg capacity
  • 360 degree pivoting arm
  • Light, double acting hand hydraulic pump unit
  • Swivel hook & adjustable knob
  • Block valve to prevent overloading
  • Extremely easy to manoeuvre due to minimal foot print area
  • 1360mm maximum lift height @160kg capacity
  • Floor level minimum hook height
  • 4 variable capacity settings
  • 4 position jib
  • CE Marked
  • No operating licence is required

Basic Dimensions

Maximum Pressure:- 160 BAR
Tank Capacity:- 1 Litre
Cylinder Stroke/Diameter/Stem: 470 x 60 x 40mm
Outreach with standard jib:- Position 1:- 455mm long x 500kg capacity
                                                2:- 590mm long x 420kg capacity
                                                3:- 725mm long x 370kg capacity
                                                4:- 860mm long x 320kg capacity

Outreach with extensiion jib:-          1:- 955mm long x 220kg capacity
                                                2:- 1090mm long x 200kg capacity
                                                3:- 1225mm long x 180kg capacity
                                                4:- 1360mm long x 160kg capacity






Warrior 500kg Manual Counterbalanced Workshop Crane with slewing jib
Warrior 500kg Manual Counterbalanced Workshop Crane with slewing jib Manual Mobile Counterbalanced Slewing Jib Crane Semi electric Basic technical details Semi electric on site Swivel!!

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