EasyRoller Hand Pallet Truck - Makes easy work of moving heavily laden pallet trucks

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EasyRoller The pallet truck with extra umph!

 The EasyRoller is a patented, ingenious pallet truck that utilizes the leverage gained from the trucks pulling handle and transfers the effort into motive power! If your pallet truck is fully laden it will be extremely difficult to move from stationery. The EasyRoller overcomes this issue. At the kick of a pedal, you can engage a direct sprocket drive which then allows the pumping action of the tiller handle to propel the truck either forwards or backwards with far less effort than would normally be required if the usual manual push was applied.

  • Capacity 2000Kg
  • Fork Length - 1150mm
  • Overall fork Width 540mm
Easy oscillation movements of the tiller reduces the operational forces to a minimum.
The function can be engaged in both directions.
If the mechanical drive is engaged in one direction, a brake function is applied into the other direction. In other words, it's braked on a slope if you let go!
Horizontal transportation of heavy loads becomes easier and safer.
Three position operational handle lever for lifting, transporting and lowering purposes.
Lower Position - to lower load, pull up on the finger tip control.
Neutral Position - to place finger tip control in this position during pulling the truck or load.
Lift Position - to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.

See the Easyroller in action below

EasyRoller The pallet truck with extra umph!
EasyRoller The pallet truck with extra umph! Drive Mechanism Pump and Drive Assembly

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