Drum Pincers.

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Drum Pincer WRDL500B

The Warrior WRDL500A & WRDL500B Drum Pincers are made from 100% steel and are built to last, They enable you to Work effectivly when It comes to moving awkward Drums, Barrels or heavy Kegs.

The WRDL500A & WRDL500B Work easily with an overhead hoist or a hook from a forklift.
Using Either both or only one Pincer, Each of these drum grabs can efficently lift 500Kg

They allow the user to handle open or closed head drums & Barrels.
They also allow qucik, gentle loading into overpacks and keeps drums upright during lift which ensures you of less spills and injuries.



Model Capacity  Drum Net Weight
TTDL500A 500Kg 205Ltr 5Kg
TTDL500B 500Kg 205Ltr 7.5Kg
Drum Pincer WRDL500B

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